The NSLE (National School of Leadership in Education) was established in 1995 by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia for training and professional development of head teachers and candidates. In accordance with the Act of the foundation of NSLE, its activities include professional development, training and other educational programmes, publishing books, journals and proceedings as well as promoting research and experimental development in education. The NSLE is a public service, the implementation of which is in the public interest. In the past few years nearly half of the programmes are co-funded by the European Social Fund (ESF).

In the 20 years of its activities, the NSLE has developed a system of lifelong learning professional development of Slovenian head teachers:

Headship licence program

one-year training preceding head teacher’s appointment

Mentoring for newly appointed head teachers

one-year training within the first year of headship

Headship development

a two-year programme after two mandates od headship.

Networks of Learning Schools and Kindergartens

Training for Middle Leadership 1 & 2

Leadership for Learning Programme

Yearly professional meetings and conferences.

Managing and leading innovative learning environments (ESF project)

Introducing and piloting model of quality in education (ESF project)

Leadership support programme for school staff (ESF project)

Shorter one-day training sessions on the topic of leadership in education

International projects (Erasmus+, etc.)